View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Friday, December 28, 2012

MORE NEW SPECIES and some familiar faces

Black shark carp are such a beautiful fish . We were fortunate to find some as they are apparently hard to find . Not cheap either that's for sure but well worth the cost.. The biggest we bought were 4.5 kg.
We have added another Carp species with Mrigal up to 7kg ...
I havent personally weighed this Crystal Eyed/Black Onyx Catfish but my fish supplier said it weighed 4.5 kg . We will reweigh the fish before we put it in the lake BUT it could be a new world record when caught. A friend says it isn't over 3.5 kg which he has in his lake but I say its the BIG GLOVES in the photo that make it look smaller lol...
We also got a few more Pacus but these monster were 20kg...
I couldn't resist some more Alligators either... Nice teeth :)
Another Jau /Zungaroo to our collection but nobody wanted to hold it after i got jabbed by another Jau that twisted out of my hands .


Mekong catfish have always been a favorite of mine . I love fishing for them as they are just so strong and a real challenge to land .
I had mentioned in prior posts that there would be BIG FISH coming soon .
Well we received our first shipment just before Christmas with 15 fish between 90 and 98kg . As always we are feeding them heavily so they will be even bigger by the time the resort opens.