Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Late last week we were just turning the corner to finish the final stretch of bank.It seemed like we would never finish.

With hot sunny weather and 80 trucks a day taking away dirt through yet another weekend we are happy to say we will finish rolling the final stretch of bank by Friday latest . Then we pray for rain :) . After treating the banks we will need 90,000,000 liters to fill the lake ..We are currently sourcing some huge pumps so we can pump as much water as possible during the rainy season while the adjacent river is full.

My friend Ross was visiting from Canada and was eager to get a pic with a big Arapaima we have just had delivered . This fish is 2.1 meters and around 130kg. It is from a recent netting we did in Suphan Buri north of Bangkok . We netted another 14 fish which will be delivered once the lake is ready .The 4 days of netting was quite an experience . I will have a separate post for the netting with some great video of the boys netting the Arapaimas

I have been trying to locate some Salween Rita Catfish for some time . I finally got my hands on this 10kg beauty . These fish are quite rare.The name Salween Rita comes from the fact that they are almost exclusively caught in the Salween river near Myanmar. We are currently growing over 100 of these fish so our customers will have a good chance to catch this special fish in the near future .

Although not a rare fish in some areas of the world we were happy to locate some Channel Catfish here in Thailand which can reach up to 50lbs

I had mentioned we had a big Wallagoo Lieri coming and here it is . This fish weighs 51kg and is definitely a potential world record when one of our future customers catches him. Yes i know . He is not the only fat one in the photo :).

The same fat guy checking the levels of the banks to make sure they are exactly the same heights.

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