View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Saturday, May 11, 2013


We are getting some rain every few days .Between the rain and the new pumps we are more than half full already . I cant believe the lake has filled up by 40 million liters so quickly.

We have made one more trip round the lake adjusting the first level to make sure all swims will be the right distance from the top bank/water level .This is important so that the customer can stand safely while having their photo taken with their monster catch ..

My lovely wife Boom was jumping for joy to see the lake filling up. Boom does so much work behind the scenes in helping me communicate with the workers , suppliers and Government officials. She is such a great help.

We are both so excited to finish the lake and open for business. This is an exciting step in our lives and we cant wait to share what we have greated here at Exotic Fishing with our future customers .

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