View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Friday, July 26, 2013


Boom and Michelle doing their final quality inspections before the first fishing salas were shipped.

The first sala arrived balanced on the back of a pick up truck .

We used an excavator to lift the sala from the truck with a little acrobatic help from the driver's helper.

It didnt take long before the sala was in place and the first fishing swim was finished [ except for a little grass of course ],

This Goonch is a new addition to our main lake .

check out those teeth ..

A nice Rita Sacredotum just added to the lake .

A nice Black Eared Catfish who joined some of his friends today at EFT

Our smallest Mekong of 25kg . We are adding some smaller fish first of some species to see if they have any issues with water quality ..Our water tests perfect BUT we don't want to take any chances, We have Mekong up to 100kg so big Mekong pics are coming soon

A good sized Giant Featherback.. We have lots of fish of this size and Spotted Featherbacks also .

Stay tuned for lots of fish pics in the next few months and some more resort pics too as the scenery is just awesome.

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  1. Beautiful photos! How lucky to find that lovely location so close to your home! So peaceful!

    Alaska Fishing Lodge