View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We had another fish deliver yesterday and also moved some fish from stock ponds to the main lake

Another nice Arapaima arrived from Bangkok.

As did some acrobatic Arawana

Also our first shipment of Juliens Carp for the main lake

Some small Alligator Gar...

Some Siamese Carp also made their way to Phang Nga .

Some nice Yellow Cheeked Carp were also moved into the main Lake

I also caught this light coloured Chao Phraya Catfish in one of the stock ponds which was only a few Kilo 9 months ago..It is now swimming in the main lake.


  1. hey mike
    hope things are good with you?
    we met a stuarts place a couple of years ago'
    i caught the new world record mrigal whilst we were there.(not a brag mate just so you can put a face to the email)
    your resort looks fab and really interested in a visit, can you forward any details you have put together please.
    when do you expect your fishery to be open?
    when too do you expect your accomadation to be up and running
    look forward to your reply
    kind regards eddie grey

    1. Hello Eddie .
      yes i remember you and of course that nice fish you caught that day .. I am happy to send you more info if you can send me your email address to talk soon and thank you for your kind words about the resort and interest.