View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Friday, October 11, 2013


We have spent the last 2 weeks netting our stock ponds and moving a lot of our fish into our main lake . Most fish are easy to move but the Arapaimas can be tricky .

These fish are very unpredictable.

We use 5 people on smaller fish and 7 people on 100kg plus fish ..

Even with 5 people holding the fish firmly in the blankets we use to move the fish it only takes one quick shot from even a smaller 50kg Arapaima and someone could have a broken rib or worse.

Once the fish are in the main lake we let them rest and take a few breaths before releasing them .

All our fish have adjusted well to the main lake . The water quality is excellent and very similar to the ponds which the fish are moved from .

We have had a few fatalities in our fish moves from Bangkok due to the distance but it has been a very small percentage . We are always trying to improve our method of transport and handling all our fish .

There are still more fish coming from our offsite ponds. We are also continuing to grow our onsite stock so we always have new fish to add to the main lake to keep the catch rates up as the current stock get smarter ..

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