Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Friday, December 6, 2013


A little late, but we have now finished the Exotic Fishing Thailand first catch report for October. The November report will follow soon .

I would first like to thank everyone who has been involved in Exotic Fishing Thailand from the concept stage to making it a reality. I appreciate all help and support .

It has been an amazing learning curve with some huge obstacles to overcome . Several road blocks had to be dealt with at critical stages of the lake build.

By carefully respecting all Thai laws and working closely with the local and provincial governments and also supporting our community we have completed our project on time and are now open for fishing..

October was supposed to be a few friends sampling the fishing and a soft opening period for the resort to train staff and check equipment . What it turned into was a very busy time with 35 fishing days from many excited friends .

For 35 single fishing days 398 fish of 19 species were caught .. Most anglers caught 8 to 12 fish with one catching a high of 28 while the least caught by only a few anglers was 4 or 5 ...

Arapaimas were at the top of the list of target species . 44 Arapaima were caught to 330lbs with 5 anglers catching 3 or more Arapaima in one day ..

I was very interested to see which fishing swims would fish the best but found that there were excellent catch rates coming from all swims on different days.

Our catch list is as follows;- 22 Juliens Golden price carp to 26lbs, 18 Siamese Carp to 48lbs, 21 Yellow Cheek Carp to 14lbs ,27 Amazon Redtails to 42 lbs, 4 Asian Redtails to 25lbs, 20 Alligator Gar 25 lbs, 44 Arapaima to 330lbs, 4 Chao Phraya Catfish to 65lbs, 3 Chinese Black Carp to 14 lbs, 8 Hovens Carp to 5lbs, 48 Redtail Tiger Shovelnose Cross Catfish to 12lbs, 8 Rohu to 14 lbs, 15 Ripsaw/Niger Catfish to 16lbs, 6 Tigershovelnose catfish to 14lbs, 44 Piraiba Catfish to 14lbs, 12 Wallagoo Attu to 12 lbs, 18 Tambiqui to 10lbs, 19 Pacu to 12kg , 47 Albino Pacu to 5 kg..

The most Piraiba Catfish caught by one angler in one day was 7 ..I personally thought these fish would be a low light feeder but right now they are feeding all day and outnumbering both redtail species combined.

The most Ripsaw Catfish caught by one angler in one day was 3..These fish always take a great photo. I hope one of our bigger fish comes out soon ...

Only a few anglers tried fly fishing this month. They caught Arapaima , YellowCheek Carp , Pacu and of all things Alligator gar .

The most Juliens Golden Price Carp caught by one angler was 3 in one day .We surprisingly had more Juliens than Siamese this first month.

Some people were so happy they decided to kiss their prized catch.

The Yellow Cheeked Carp was also high on people's wish list. Most people chasing this little Gem went home happy. There were 21 of these awesome fish caught . We are really excited about the potential of this fish species and have many fish of different sizes growing in our stock ponds.

The Wallagoo Attu is sought after by many specimen hunters . They definitely made their presence known this month with 12 fish caught .

We doubled our stock of the Attu when we netted our last stock pond in November and put all fish into the main lake . Lets see how many get caught next month...We also added some other exciting new fish so lets see if any show up any time soon..

There were some beautiful coloured Amazon Redtails out so far but none of our bigger fish yet .. I was happy to see that the Redtail numbers didnt dominate the catch list.

There were definitely a lot of happy anglers and not a gripe to be heard . Well that's not exactly true as there were requests for electric fans in the lakeside salas and steps into the lake . What next aircon :)???

There were interestingly no Mekong Catfish caught this month but there again nobody really fished for them .. Lets see how the overall catch rates are next month and what new exciting Exotic species make the report ..

So that wraps up our first "Exotic Fishing Thailand" catch report . Not to be confused with several other catch reports/newsletters using our legal company name in their reports. Some are even using our name on other sites to try to boost their own google ratings.. Being a new resort we actually appreciate these sources helping to get our name our there...

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