View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Its been a busy November and December , but not too busy to find more big fish.

We we fortunate to come across some healthy 60kg Mekong Catfish .

These fish like most of our stock have to be carefully trucked from Bangkok

Some of these fish are not not too happy and cant wait to get out of the truck. This is all business as usual though for Mot one of the fish movers:).

These 30 fish had all been grown together in one pond and were all within a few kg of each other 57 to 63kg [after the weight of the blanket and board were deducted of course].

They had all been fed exclusively lam and pellet so we are hoping they will be easy to catch using method feeder techniques on the float .

We did however have a few fish from our other stock ponds which were well over 60kg.

We spray all our fish with an antiseptic purple spray to help prevent infection ..It looks like this fish must have had an infectious smile :).The spray is of no harm to the fish whatsoever.

Our local Mayor/Nah Yok wanted to get in on the action :).He was very happy to hold up this nice fish .. With a little help from the team of course.

So now lets see who is going to catch the first Mekong at EFT.. We have had a couple of screaming runs on the float but nothing landed yet ..

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