Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Saturday, December 6, 2014


August is supposed to be low season but we continue to have more than expected happy anglers all busy fighting our monster fish here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Our catch rate remained consistent with 395 fish caught for 43 angler days fished averaging almost 10 fish per angler day :)..

We are very happy to see more and more Goonch Catfish starting to come out on a regular basis..

The fishing was hot this month but i remained cool after taking the Ice bucket challenge..

There was no angler of the month for August as simply too many anglers had exceptional catches . There were some honourable mentions though, one of which was Uma ,shown here with an absolutely stunning Albino Chao Phraya catfish ..

This Big Head Carp was the first to make our catch report for August which included 31 different exotic species. The report is as follows.;- 4 African Walking catfish to 20lbs . 25 Alligator Gar to 72 lbs,.1 Albino Chao Phraya Catfish to 40lbs.. 18 Albino Pacu to 15 lbs, ..47 Amazon Redtails to 60 lbs,..42 Arapaima to 290lbs,.. 6 Arawana to 8lbs,..38 Asian Redtails to 30lbs, 1 Big Head Carp to 15lbs. 1 Black eared Catfish to 12lbs . 5 Chao Phraya Catfish to 48lbs,..4 Chinese Black Carp to 22 lbs,.. 6 Giant Featherbacks to 11lbs, 2 Giant Gourami to 8 lbs, 4 Giant Stingrays to 1m .. 6 Goonch to 20lbs , 4 Hovens Carp to 7lbs... 4 Mekong Catfish to 175lbs., 28 Pacu to 24lbs ,..9 Piraiba Catfish to 16lbs,.37 Redtail/Tiger Cross Catfish to 17lbs,.16 Ripsaw/Niger Catfish to 15lbs, . 2 Sawai Catfish to 10 lbs.38 Siamese Carp to 58lbs,. 3 Soldier River Barb to 6lbs..4 Spotted Featherback to 8 lbs. 18 Tambaqui to 15lbs,..11 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish to 18lbs,...5 Wallagoo Attu to 14 lbs, 2 Wallagoo Leeri to 16lbs...4 Yellow Cheeked Carp to 21lbs.................................................

Lek was at it again this month catching this nice Siamese.I really cant say enough about our guides here at EFT as they put in a 100% effort and nothing is too much for them when asked .. I was a little nervous to hire Thai guides in the beginning based on some experiences I have personally had at other Thai Fisheries ..After just minimal training from myself and resort manager Ross all three of our Thai guides were guiding like seasoned pros.

Llyod Carty joined us for the first time and really went to town on not only our species list, but also our Arapaima .. He started off with this Wallagoo Attu

Next up was a Piraiba catfish one of the biggest Catfish species in the Amazon ..

Back to Thai Catfish species and a nice sized Asian Redtail

Lloyd landed a total of 4 Arapaima during his 2 day visit

These second 2 fish look to have a lot more colours adn are definitely larger than the first 2 ..

A smaller but still lovely looking Catfish is the Black eared Catfish Yet another Thai species ..

Being a Carp fisherman back home Lloyd was happy to catch some Siamese Carp while here on holiday

Last but not least from Lloyd's catch report is this healthy looking Chao Phraya Catfish

Another new customer Lee Gallione joined us for his first visit here at EFT and wasted no time in hooking into a healthy Siamese Carp.

I was just rechecking my notes and it looks like Lee actually visited us in July but as I missed him somehow I apologize and will show his awesome catches here in August . Lee's second fish was this chunky Tiger/Redtail Cross

Here is Lee's first Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

This to my knowledge was Lee's first time fishing in Thailand so every species was likely a new species . It goes without saying therefore that they were obviously well deserved Personal Bests.. Rather than state every fish in the report as an obvious PB we would simply like to congratulate Lee of some exceptional species fishing :).

As it is quite a rare fish in most fisheries Lee was over the moon to land this Wallagoo Attu. It is difficult to see in the photo as they just look grey but when held up you can see this beautiful blue sheen on them ...

Not an uncommon fish but Lee was happy with this Amazon Redtail

Our Yellowcheeck Carp seem to be switching on to the plentiful bait fish and are slowly getting harder to catch ..

The spotted Featherback is a Thai fish but very exotic looking with its distinctive spots .

The Tambaqui often fall victim to a float fished pellet .I am sure they will also smarten up soon ...

Lee's species list is just endless.. Next victim was this Piraiba .. I am happy to see these fish still getting caught and piling on the weight each month ..

A nice Ripsaw fell victim to the Lum ball polly ball combo. These fish are like prehistoric looking vacuum cleaner sucking up just about every bait off the bottom .

Another Carp Species for Lee was this Hoven's Carp/ also named "Mad Barb" , which coincidentally is the name a good friend calls his ex girlfriend .

If catching all these species wasn't enough to make Lee's day it was Arapaima time next

Not just one but 4 Arapaima for Lee.. Definitely a day to remember .

The Aris came on chicken baits , Batu and 2 on the float ...

Next up a nice sized Tambaqui for this happy day ticket angler..

Also a first time Arapaima for this happy customer

With half of our Mekong purchased around the 30kg mark and the other all over 60 and up to 100+ kg I am still a little baffled why we haven't caught any under 60kg. I have my theories based on what the fish were fed prior to coming to EFT but cant really be sure.... Lets see when those smaller fish come on the feed and what size they are when they start to get caught ..

This fat fish was around 80kg and pulled like a locomotive ..Be careful what you wish for when you hook one of these beasts :)

This angler still had lots of energy after a gruelling Mekong battle to also land this Arapaima

A nice Asian redtail helped to fill out his catch report ..

The Asian Redtails really give good scrappy fight as this angler found out.

Another Arapaima makes this client's day ..

Our good friend Andreas was visiting Phuket again and dropped in to say hello to some of our Arapaima

This stunning 100kg+ fish was his biggest of the trip..

This fish completed Andrea's hat trick for this visit

Another nice August Asian Redtail for this day ticket angler

The same angler was even more happy with his Arapaima catch ..

This young angler started his day with an awesome Ripsaw/Niger Catfish on lum and poly ball combo.

The same method paid off with a lovely Siamese.

The predator rod was also busy with an Arapaima to finish off the day .

We are always happy to see our good friend Peter Lyons ..Peter was also happy after landing this good sized Ripsaw Cat.

This day got more busy with the first of Peter's Arapaimas

This was one of 3 Redtail Tiger/Cross Catfish for Peter

Peter is an expert on catching last minute Arapaima and he did it again here ...

It seems like everyone was catching Arapaima this month and with another monthly average of 1 Arapaima per angler day they almost were..

This angler was happy to add some Amazon Redtails to his catch report :)

Harald Klein was visiting Exotic Fishing Thailand for the first time with his son and 2 good friends and started off a busy trip with a beautiful Wallagoo Attu

A nice Arapaima photo for father and son ..

Nicholas Bufkins came to EFT and when we asked him what he wanted to catch he told us ,of all things Stingray . Even we were suprised when a few hours later he reeled in this nice Stingray ...

After catching his target fish early in his day Nicholas considered this Asian Redtail a nice bonus

His day just got better finishing the day with an Arapaima ,and several Amazon Redtails .

Peter Bretschneider a friend of Harald Klein was visiting with his wife and really put on a species clinic catching lots of different fish including this beautiful Redtail /Tiger Cross

Next up was this fat Ripsaw Catfish .

Again using the lum and poly ball rig a stunning Siamese Carp capture

The Goonch have really been on the feed lately . I think they are now finally content in their new home. A good tip for them is to fish close to the aerators but they do come out from most swims .

Another new species was this Albino Pacu

Next it was a native Thai species with this Soldier River Barb

Peter also caught his fair share of Arapaima with 3 for the trip .His first came on chicken fished on the bottom .

Peter's second Arapaima came on a dead bait under the bubble float.

His last fish came on what is now one of our most common methods which is our Mekong Catfish rig with lum ball below the float

Peter's wife also caught lots of fish starting out the same as Peter with a nice Ripsaw

Next up was her first Arapaima

Last but not least for this busy couple was another Redtail/Tiger cross ..

The next lady angler to visit us was fearless Uma from Singapore . Uma was not shy of this nice sized Gator .

Uma was very proud of herself and so were we when she landed this chunky Arapaima unassisted .

Uma actually landed all her fish this trip unassisted but with Siamese like this i am sure she needed a holiday to rest up when she got home.

Uma was with us for 4 days and we jokingly set a goal for her of 50 fish total . She took it quite seriously and at one point was landing fish 2 at a time .[ ok so we did give her a little assistance with the double header :)]

A beautifully coloured Tambaqui was a nice addition to her catch report

This chunky Ripsaw was a little awkward for her to hold up ..

Another species with an Albino Pacu which Uma decided to hug for the photo :)

This Asian Redtail really gave Uma a run for her money with its head shaking fight and was her 48th fish ...

As time ran down Uma needed 2 more fish for the goal of 50 fish in 4 days. She finished on a high with this stunning Arapaima and one short of her goal at 49 fish .. What a great accomplishment for any angler but especially for one who weighs less than most of the fish she caught :) ...Congrats Uma . We hope to see you back again soon ...

This awesome Chinese Black Carp is one of the larger ones I have personally seen in Thailand ..

Here are 2 new German friends with their first Arapaima at EFT , caught like many on a day ticket .. We are sure they will be back soon :)

Yet another day ticket Arapaima. So many anglers catching Arapaima on a day ticket is why we boast to be your best opportunity for Arapaima over 50kg in Thailand. We have stock ponds full of big Arapaima and will continue to keep our catch rates up , while respecting our overall stocking plan ...

The word is definitely getting out about our exceptional fishing , the stunning scenery and even the delicious food at our restaurant . As a result we are starting to book up for some specific days through the high season . We strongly suggest if you are planning to fish with us December through April to call ahead to guarantee a booking.

If you would like to check some of our customer reviews you can now also find us on TripAdvisor under Exotic Fishing Thailand....

To book direct please feel free to use our website booking form at or email us directly at . We look forward to welcoming you here for some of the best Exotic Fishing ,Thailand has to offer :) at the "ONLY " Exotic Fishing Thailand :).

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