View from your swim

View from your swim
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Friday, August 3, 2012


We now have somewhere to live while working on the property . Our 12m x 3m prefab office/house was delivered this week along with a 40foot shipping container which has been modified to be our workshop as well as much needed storage space.
I was a little concerned about the road conditions for the trucks delivering the units . My worries were for naught as the truck completely missed the road and we had to dig it out with the excavator
The unit was built by SAFEWAY ASIA who manufacture and also rent prefab office units and containers in Thailand. I worked with Gord the owner on a simple design for a 2 bedroom unit and they had it finished in just 4 weeks.
Dont worry the unit isn' really going to land on Gord's head ..Rest assured those Thai lifting straps are to specification:).
It will be great to have running water , and as soon as we get electricity a hot shower . It will also be a lot easier to work as we will have a place out of the rain and blazing sun to review plans and solve problems as they arise. We have a temporary bamboo house for Boom's brother who is the lead Thai worker on our project. We also bought some bamboo salas which will be set up in different areas of the property and one will serve as shelter for our 24 hour security guard

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  1. fabulous !
    I'm booking my spot for opening day cheers Paul