View from your swim

View from your swim
A breathtaking view from your fishing swim

Monday, August 27, 2012


We chose to add EM [ Effective Microorganisms] to help with water quality. It took a lot of mixing and some patience for the mixture to cure but its now in the water and hopefully doing its job .
We also added elephant dung to the bed of the ponds to help initiate plankton growth. I actually checked the commodities market to see if Elephant dung was a new addition as trying to buy this "shit" was next to impossible. After 8 phone calls and 3 meetings.... I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!! We finally negotiated 300baht per pick up truck load and I had the pleasant job of starting every morning for a week loading my truck with Elephant crap:(...
The 3000sq meters of grass was not only for looks but also to stop the banks around the stock pond area from eroding during the coming rains.Luckily it has rained every day as that's a lot of new grass to water.
The ponds are almost full and we are now testing the water for PH levels ,Nitrates and Alkalinity. We unfortunately still don't have electricity to the resort due to some hold ups with the local electric authority which we hope will be resolved this week.
In the meantime we are working to run power to our ponds for the filters [ still building] and aerators..

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