Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The lake is as full as we can go right now until the concrete swims are finished . 6 out of 18 swims are already poured . I think we will have the lake full in 2 more weeks if the weather cooperates ..

The water quality is coming along nicely and we have already added some feeder fish , shrimp etc .

We will add some small quantities of our larger fish once the lake is full and there in no chance of run off into the lake . Once we see that these fish are ok we will continue adding more of our awesome inventory.

Get ready loads of fish photos and videos are coming :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


We may have to stop filling the lake soon if we keep filling at this rate . The swims/fishing positions are our biggest priority right now.

If I was to guess what the 2 Thai workers are saying to each other it would probably be ;- "WOW i didnt use that much concrete in my house . Is this guy nuts???"

They would probably be right as I definitely over engineered the first swim we built .. We have since redesigned the swims .The swims are easily big enough for 2 people to fish next to each other if they like. Ideal for father and son .

It was a long day but we finally got to pour concrete just before dark..It was a little tense at times pouring as the form creaked and cracked but it held together to everyone's relief.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


We are getting some rain every few days .Between the rain and the new pumps we are more than half full already . I cant believe the lake has filled up by 40 million liters so quickly.

We have made one more trip round the lake adjusting the first level to make sure all swims will be the right distance from the top bank/water level .This is important so that the customer can stand safely while having their photo taken with their monster catch ..

My lovely wife Boom was jumping for joy to see the lake filling up. Boom does so much work behind the scenes in helping me communicate with the workers , suppliers and Government officials. She is such a great help.

We are both so excited to finish the lake and open for business. This is an exciting step in our lives and we cant wait to share what we have greated here at Exotic Fishing with our future customers .

Monday, May 6, 2013


CORRECTLY Name ALL 4 fish in the photos below and win FREE FISHING with one fish bait rod on your next visit to Exotic Fishing Thailand .

2 of the 4 fish have been named before in our prior blog posts so it should be fairly easy BUT i suggest a little careful research as you only get one entry ..

There will be 5 lucky winners.


Contest Starts May 7th Thai Time ...

The FIRST 5 people to CORRECTLY name ALL 4 fish will win.

The answers and winners will also be revealed June 1st ONLY here on our blog .

The prize is not transferable [ only the winner can redeem the prize].

Only 1 entry per person.

The " PRIZE" is an ADDITIONAL FISHING WITH BAITFISH ROD to your paid day ticket price of one carp and one bait fish rod . YES That means your 3rd rod [ bait fish rod or if you prefer Carp rod ] is FREE..

The value of the free bait fish rod is 2000 baht per day and can be used for consecutive fishing days up to a maximum of 10 days, TOTAL Value 20,000 baht..

Please use both the English common name and Thai name for the fish .





Congratulations to Adam Cook who was the only person to identify all 4 fish correctly . Andy Cartwright also identified all 4 fish correctly BUT added that the Yellow Cheek carp is AKA the Chinese Seerfish which is unfortunately incorrect ..We will have another contest before we open so stay tuned for another chance at more prizes.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


The big pumps i bought in Bangkok just showed up and we are wiring them up ready for the next rain .

The 10HP electric motors should do the trick.

The rain has really helped and we have over 1m of water in the lake already

This photo shows the length of the lake almost 250 meters..

We will be working on building the fishing positions for the next few weeks . Each of the 20 stepped concrete swims are designed in positions to provide the best fishing opportunities.

Even with lots of room for the 20 swims we will only book 12 swims at a time maximum as to not over pressure the lake . We want all our customers to catch and have lots of room to play their fish..

The unique shape of the lake gives it 6 "corner" swims as these always seem to produce well . All swims are positioned so that there should be no areas where a charging Mekong or freight train Arapaima can wrap you around a bank or corner..