Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I just love fishing for Mekong Catfish especially when they are over 100 kgs. Our first big Cats arrived yesterday and I am so excited they are here .

If you love catching really BIG FISH in truly awesome surroundings then Exotic Fishing Thailand is the place for you ..

Here is another huge arrival .. These fish are just so strong. It will take everything you've got to reel one of these monsters in ..

Some visitors have been concerned that they wont be able to keep a close eye on their rods when fishing with us as they will be too busy staring up at the incredible mountains . I told them we will just have to turn the volume up on their bite alarms :).

As well as Mekongs this week we also added another favorite fish of mine the Chao Phraya Catfish . These fish are already 30kgs and they never stop eating so I am sure they will be up to 50kg in no time ..

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We had another fish deliver yesterday and also moved some fish from stock ponds to the main lake

Another nice Arapaima arrived from Bangkok.

As did some acrobatic Arawana

Also our first shipment of Juliens Carp for the main lake

Some small Alligator Gar...

Some Siamese Carp also made their way to Phang Nga .

Some nice Yellow Cheeked Carp were also moved into the main Lake

I also caught this light coloured Chao Phraya Catfish in one of the stock ponds which was only a few Kilo 9 months ago..It is now swimming in the main lake.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


The fun has begun as we are now starting to net and catch some of our stocked fish from our many stock ponds and put them in the main lake . Its hard work but also exciting to see how big the fish have grown. There are usually a few fish I have forgotten about so that keeps it interesting each time the net is pulled through.. The ponds will each be drained to make sure we have all fish out . .This is very important because if we had just one small predator left in the pond and we added new non predatory species we would end up one year down the road with just one fat predator :)..After draining each pond they will be treated so we can add more small fish .. I have some interesting species coming soon ..

As we move some of our fish to the main lake we are also relocating some of our other fish as they are simply getting too big for our smaller stock ponds . Its difficult to believe that these Arapaimas were only 5kg 10 months ago. They look around 30 or 40kg now ...

We have started to net our ponds . The first was mostly a baitfish pond with lots more Tilapia for the main lake but there were some nice surprises.

This was the first Vundu Catfish we netted , I was impressed with how quickly it had grown. I cant wait to see how big they are in a few years as they can reach up to 40Kg.

These Vundu have also grown at a ridiculous rate as they were only 6" long 1 year ago. I know of only one other fishery in Thailand which has stocked some Vundu Catfish.

My good friend Paul was visiting EFT with his lovely wife Cynthia and couldn't resist getting a photo with one of these cool cats.

Ross will be helping with guiding and training the Thai guides so he figured he should get some practice handling these slimy creatures. Its not often you see 3 live Vundu in a photo together.Especially with 3 smiling Canadians..

We also added some Nile Perch Which have doubled in size in the last 6 months.

Boom and Michelle were there for teh netting to keep an eye on things.

Lucky they were as here is Michelle's Auntie Pom with a fish in her pocket lol... This fish jumped out of the net and in one quick grab Pom had it and stuffed it in her pocket and just kept netting .. i was pissing myself laughing it was just so funny . Now we know she loves BBQ Tapien.