Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Friday, July 26, 2013


Boom and Michelle doing their final quality inspections before the first fishing salas were shipped.

The first sala arrived balanced on the back of a pick up truck .

We used an excavator to lift the sala from the truck with a little acrobatic help from the driver's helper.

It didnt take long before the sala was in place and the first fishing swim was finished [ except for a little grass of course ],

This Goonch is a new addition to our main lake .

check out those teeth ..

A nice Rita Sacredotum just added to the lake .

A nice Black Eared Catfish who joined some of his friends today at EFT

Our smallest Mekong of 25kg . We are adding some smaller fish first of some species to see if they have any issues with water quality ..Our water tests perfect BUT we don't want to take any chances, We have Mekong up to 100kg so big Mekong pics are coming soon

A good sized Giant Featherback.. We have lots of fish of this size and Spotted Featherbacks also .

Stay tuned for lots of fish pics in the next few months and some more resort pics too as the scenery is just awesome.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Our first Arapaima was stocked in the lake yesterday. Not a monster but a respectable fish .

He was followed by a couple of our smaller fish ...

We will be steadily stocking for the next 2 months ready for our November opening..

Monday, July 8, 2013


At Exotic Fishing Thailand we are not only focusing on our current fish stocking but also looking to the future . I think one of the big challenges in creating a premium fishing resort is not only to have an awesome collection of monster fish and exotics for current customers to catch but to plan for the future so that there are new fish available as the current stocks become more hook shy ..

We are fully expecting the fishing to be off the charts when we open in November and into the near future but we are also planning 1 or 2 years ahead . To maintain initial customer catch rates it is important to have large numbers of Exotic species . After all our name is Exotic Fishing Thailand .

To satisfy both of the above challenges we have literally thousands of smaller fish of different sizes which we are growing in tanks and ponds for our future stocks . Here are just a few minature examples of whats to come ;-

Yellow Cheeked Carp ..These fish are quite difficult to grow as they prefer to eat mostly live food . We have some big fish being stocked into the main lake soon and these babies are growing fast now that we figured out what they eat .

Ripsaw or Niger Catfish. I love these fish . They look like something prehistoric in my view . They are difficult to handle due to the blade like spikes which run the length of their bodies . We have lots of these in good sizes ready for when we open but many more mini Nigers for the future

Jau /Zungaroo Catfish. These fish are very difficult to grow due to their aggressive nature . They will eat each other or any other fish of the same size. We found if we keep lots of other small feeder fish in our tanks then this helps .It is also good to have lots of hiding places for them ..We use small PVC pipes and fittings in our tanks so they all have their own home..

Wels Catfish . We are not planning to put many of these fish in our lake as they can devastate a fishery if they breed. They are a true monster fish and can grow to huge sizes so we thought we must have a few...

Tiger Redtail Cross. These fish are a cross breed of Tiger Shovelnose Catfish and Amazon Redtail Catfish . The combination of these 2 beautiful fish makes for a very interesting markings . Some fisheries have called them Leopard Catfish for obvious reasons.

Rita Sacredotum. These fish are not easy to come by so when we had the opportunity to buy large quantities of small fish we jumped at it . They are difficult to grow as they are very aggressive towards each other and tank mates. We are using what we learned from growing the Jau to help solve this problem..

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish . These fish are present in most Thai fisheries but we have tried to have large quantities so that they are caught more regularly . They have awesome markings as you can see and its obvious where their name came from .

Freshwater Puffa Fish { just a cool looking fish for our aquariums in our Mountain Fish Park].

Check out those teeth. We learned the hard way with these fish that they have to be kept alone as they take chunks out of other fish sharing their space. They love to eat snails .

The Black Shark Carp.. These fish are one of the more beautiful Carp species in my opinion ... Ok Carp lovers I said in my opinion :). They dont grow very big but are a great fish to catch over 4kg. They are common in some areas of Thailand in the wild but not easy to come by .. If our plans work out they will be very common at EFT in a few years ..