Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Thursday, November 29, 2012


In addition to our 8 stock ponds at EFT we also have 3 other stock ponds  where we are growing  Chao Phraya Catfish , Siamese Carp and  Mekong catfish along with various other fish . 

We have 10 Chao Phraya Catfish to date up to 26 Kg.
We have stocked Siamese Carp to 24Kg all of which , like our Mekongs will be fed intensively before we move them to our main lake next year.
So far we have Mekong catfish to 50kg and are currently  sourcing bigger fish.

We also have a large number of fish in the 30kg range which are our growing stock. 
We weigh all our Carp and Mekong so we have accurate not guessed weights. We will of course be purchasing IGFA approved scales in the future ..
All our Carp and Mekongs have a numbered microchip inserted for identification and monitoring.


We have purchased some Atlantic Tarpon which are already a good starting size . I have only heard positive things about how fast Tarpon are growing in Thailand . They are not easy to catch but it will be a great challenge once we get them bigger. Tarpon are a new species for us as is the Peacock Bass..
I understand that Pacu are a very common fish in Thailand and every resort has them . We are stocking them because at a good size Pacu are very strong and will give any angler a great fight especially when understand that you cant pressure them too much or their sharp teeth will bite through the leader. This fish was weighed at 15 kg and was part of a large order of fish ranging from 5kg to 15kg which we are now growing in our ponds.
I have always wanted to go to South America and fish for Peacock Bass but never had the time .I think the second best thing would be to catch them in my own lake . This fish is one of 30+ fish which we have already bought and are presently gorging themselves on the Tilapia we feed them. .
Another Goonch for our collection.

I have all my Goonch in one stock pond and am carefully watching for any unusual activity as they are supposed to be so aggressive. I have had a few small dead Bighead carp float up with their tails bitten off but I am not sure if that is the Goonch or the Jau Jau which are sharing the same pond. My Indian Goonch which I am growing at home are growing rapidly although they just sit on the bottom not bothering each other until feeding time when they go into a feeding frenzy

Monday, November 26, 2012


I know that sounds like a crazy title for a post but I am sure you will understand after I explain .

I arrived in Bangkok to watch the netting of 6 Arapaimas all around the 1.8 m mark. I got a Taxi at the airport and made my best effort in Thai to give the driver the name of the place where i was going to meet my fish supplier. Once we got close i had to call my supplier for him to explain to the Taxi exactly where to meet as my Thai really isn't as good as i thought:(. I met the supplier and climbed into his truck and off we went .

It is always an adventure and surprise when I go to buy fish as I really have no idea exactly where I am most of the time .I have recently been to peoples homes, a huge Aquarium in a sports facility, a golf course and now a vegetable oil factory.

The pond was quite large and had already been drained down significantly and netted into smaller areas before I arrived.
The smaller areas were then netted to try to catch the individual Arapaimas first as the other fish in the pond were less valuable and could be netted later. The quicker we could get the Arapaimas out of the water the better as it is very unhealthy for the fish once the water gets stirred up during the netting process.
The first step for the brave guys that net these fish was to get them into this fine meshed long white butterfly type net . There is a video on the blog's video bar showing how this is done.
After this fish was safely in the net the next step was to get a blanket around it and remove the first net. This is not always easy and the fish are never happy at that point..
Everyone lent a hand to get the fish out of the water safely and ready to be measured.
All the fish had great coloring and I was happy to buy them for the agreed price. They will look great when customers catch them and take their trophy photos. The 6 fish were measured between 175 and 185 cm. Our numbered microchips were also installed in each fish for identification and monitoring.
The fish were immediately shipped in individual aerated pick up trucks from the pond to the resort in Phang Nga. The fish were all released healthy and are currently feeding like mad on dead fish and pellets and piling on weight.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I originally wasn't going to put Alligator gar in the lake BUT after seeing this beast i had to have some.
This fish is 1.6m long and weighed just over 40kg.
I also bought a few more around the 20kg mark and have some more on order.
Here is another nice Gar which I caught at Palm Tree lagoon last week on a half a chicken . I have to admit I didn't hold onto it for long after the pic was taken

Thursday, November 15, 2012


No you cant have salt , vinegar , ketchup, gravy or Mushie peas with that lol...
We are installing computer chips in some of our fish species to accurately monitor the growth rates and accurately identify them when caught and measured .
We are measuring and recording the initial length girth and weight of the fish .
I will expand on this topic later and we will have a video of the process on our new you tube video channel which will be up soon .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Kwang has been helping at the land and was eager to get his photo with some new fish.

This is a nice African Walking catfish which everyone in the pic seems a little wary of.
A Giant Gourami adds to the species count. We will have our website finished before the lake opens and all fish species will be documented in our Fish Species section .
A nice Juliens Golden Prize Carp but unfortunately the fish moved just as i snapped the photo and we got more tail than side view. Not to worry we have 100 fish coming soon all over 10kg already.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Exotic Fishing Thailand will also be the home to our MOUNTAIN FISH PARK. This unique venue will be completely separate to the 25 rai fishing lake and open to all tourists . At MOUNTAIN FISH PARK you can enjoy the following;- See and feed MONSTER FISH in our exhibit ponds , view strange and exotic fish species in our outdoor aquariums , photo ops with Replicas of world record Monster fish, Amazing mountain views, First time fishing pond for kids and adults, sample delicious Thai fish dishes , stroll through tropical fruit gardens , enjoy mountain springs while sipping a refreshing cocktail at our "Mountain beach bar" and more . A full explanation coming soon ...

Monday, November 5, 2012


I was working at the land yesterday and could hear some cracking sounds somewhere in the jungle close to the mountain face. I thought it may just be a local wandering around in the bush looking for something to eat as they often go into the jungle and come out with all types of goodies.. Bugs, snakes and scorpions etc ... The sounds repeated so I paid closer attention and realized that they were coming from further up the rock face of the mountain and that they were actually the sound of tree branches breaking. I could see the trees moving and finally spotted the culprits . There was a troop of 40 or so monkeys moving across the mountain face . Very cool to see them swinging from tree to tree and almost free falling at times. It was amazing how quickly they came down to within 50 or so meters of resort level from what i would guess was maybe 200 meters up when i first spotted them . I went back to the truck to get my camera but they were long gone by the time I got back.

I mentioned to Yam our night security man that i saw many LING [thai for monkeys ] and he explained that he has occasionally seen them come down to drink at our stock ponds. I will make sure there are binoculars on hand at the Mountain Beach Bar so that customers can spot the occasional monkey if they are lucky .

We also have an increasing number of water birds now that the stock ponds are finished . I saw a large fish hawk of some kind hovering above the resort the other day which didnt thrill me as i can imagine him scooping up a $200 fish from one of the ponds for lunch :)..

We have tried to keep as many trees as possible to attract as much of the local wild life as possible and are also researching which plants and foliage attract the most birds and butteflies.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


EFT is made up of 2 large plots of land. There is a piece of crown land which joins them and adds a further 8 rai [4 acres] to our overall property size . There are fresh water springs on our property which form a river , which in turn runs through the middle of the crown land . The nice thing about this is that we control the water source and can guarantee no pollution to the river or our ponds and lake.
I was concerned about the original small bridge which joined the 2 properties as the water level was filling the one concrete pipe during the rainy season's torrential rains. We decided to increase the bridge size and allow for triple the run off .
The local government contractors did a great job of the new bridge and were very reasonable priced . This was a pleasant surprise after some of the horror stories I had heard . They used over 400 tonnes of stone in the construction.
I knew I had some pics of before the bridge was built. Here is the most memorable pic lol....