Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Great news !!!! Exotic Fishing Thailand's lake is finally full :).

I am very happy to see that our filters and drainage/overflow system are working as designed. The lake is not dropping , even though we have had hot sunny weather for the last 3 days . I figured we would lose around 1cm per day through evaporation alone , but with the water table being so high right now and the numerous springs the lake hasn't dropped 1mm..

We are now busy with the massive task of landscaping .

We had our first 5 big trucks of fruit trees , flowering trees,and exotic shrubs and plants arrive today . The place looked like a nursery/ garden center by the time we had unloaded everything.

We have ordered 100's of trees and bushes , over 20,000 plants and 10000 sqm of grass and that's just for round the lake .

I am so excited as each day my vision of what the finished product will look like is slowly becoming a reality .

July will be super busy with more landscaping and finishing, and of course we will be starting to add our many Exotic fish species :).. Loads of pics coming ...

Sunday, June 16, 2013



-1- EXOTIC SPECIES ; We have over 50 interesting species some of which are not readily available at other resorts . These include;- Jau catfish , Vundu Catfish , Piraiba , Goonch , Chinese Black Carp and many others.

We are working on our fish list and will post it soon. We also have a special stocking program to ensure that our fishing only gets better and more interesting.

-2- ARAPAIMA; We have one of the highest stocking rates for Arapaima over 50 Kg in Thailand.

-3- BIG FISH; We have Arapaima over 300lbs, Wallagoo Lieri over 100lbs, Alligator Gar over 90lbs , Siamese carp to 60lbs and Mekong Catfish over 210lbs.

-4- A QUIET AND PEACEFUL FISHING SETTING ; Due to the fact that we only allow 12 swims to be fished on the lake at one time . Our lake is over 25rai and one of the biggest fisheries in southern Thailand .This has allowed us to leave generous space between our swims and position them so you feel like you are almost alone on the lake .

-5- FARE PRICING; We have very reasonable rates compared to fishing venues of a similar level throughout Thailand. Check out our price list especially our “Family Special”.

-6- EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE; . Our friendly lakeside service team is available around the lake to take your food and drink orders and supply cold towels and ice etc as required. If you don’t wish to be disturbed simply flip the do not disturb sign on your swim entrance.

-7- DEDICATED GUIDES;- Our guides are assigned to 4 swims maximum so that each angler has the necessary assistance they require and to ensure our fish are not mistreated in any way. There will also be an extra person available for assisting in the landing Arapaima so that your guides are always available if you need them.

-8- RULES;- YES just like any other fishery we have rules. There will be a special upcoming post to cover rules and regulations.


We are happy to provide our standard pricing for fishing at Exotic Fishing Thailand Resort as follows:-

One full days fishing with one Carp rod and one Predator rod is 5500 baht per day [ fishing from 8am to 7pm ].

One ½ days fishing [same tackle as full day] is available at 4000 baht from 8am to 12;30pm OR 4500 baht from 1pm to 7pm .

We also provide [for both packages] the following items;-

- BAITS ;- 2kg of fish baits and 1 bucket of pellet [other EFT carp baits can be used in place of or in addition to pellet depending on your preference.]

- OTHER ITEMS ;- Rod pods , bite alarms, terminal tackle ,coolers , ice , use of lakeside sala/shelter AND access to our EFT Mountain Fish Park [entry 500 baht ] are all included in the price .Our guides and service staff are happy to assist at no extra cost . Tipping is at your discretion.

In honor of my Father who passed away during the building of Exotic Fishing Thailand we will offer our “ Family special” with the emphasis being on taking your children fishing.

For one parent and child/children fishing from the same swim the cost for one full days fishing is only 7000 baht .This includes 2 carp rods , 2 fish bait rods and the same baits as a normal fishing package but with 4 kg of fish baits instead of 2kg.

We would of course offer one of our larger swims with oversized salas and lots of room for 2 rod pods.. I am sure without our dads taking us fishing for the first time , a lot of us wouldn’t be enjoying fishing today..

Please NOTE!!! This offer is for families where the child or children are actually fishing not for enthusiastic dads to fish with 4 rods at a discount price .

Additional Bait costs are as follows ;-

Fish baits ; 60 baht/1Kg. Pellets; 150 baht/1Kg .. Maize 30 baht per Kg .. Laam/ground bait 250 baht per bowl ..

3rd rod/Carp 1000 baht per day

3rd rod Predator/Fish bait 2000 baht per day.

There is a 3 rod maximum per person and no rod sharing allowed .

- Accommodation can be arranged at a maximum of 1200 baht per single room per night [depending on season and availability] at our partner hotels just 10 minutes from the lake . This price includes transport to and from your hotel .

We can offer discounts on our full day pricing for large groups and extended stays ,depending on availability..

Why not rent the whole lake for a special event ?? We can provide custom pricing depending on the event.

We can be reached by email at or by phone at +66883799377

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Just a quick update .

All 18 concrete swims are finished and both big pumps are filling up the lake 24 hours a day .. It's also raining cats and dogs . We should be full by next Monday at the latest...

We also added 600 kg of Pla Nin today to help get the feeder fish for our many Monster fish established . More pics coming soon .