Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Sunday, November 10, 2013


We were happy to welcome our first Russian guests last week with 4 eager anglers visiting us for just one days fishing.You wont believe how many fish they caught :)

They were welcomed by many great catches with all anglers catching 10+ fish per day including some very rare Exotic species.

2 of the 4 anglers had so much fun that they came back the next day with their families who were happy to join in the fishing fun .

Carp species were high on the wish list and EFT delivered with 3 Juliens Golden Price Carp in one day

The Siamese Carp were also hungry with 4 fish landed in one day.

The Chinese Black Carp were on the feed again with this beauty coming to the net ..They are supposed to be snail eaters but they get caught on different methods.. I still cant believe that they reach 100lbs plus .. Cant wait to see how big our fish get ..

Not a big Carp but this Hovens Carp / Mad Barb is another nice Carp species

How about this for double header ?? A Piraiba Catfish from the Amazon and A Yellow Cheeked Carp from China. Thats what Exotic Fishing Thailand is all about ..

One of our smaller Arapaima was the first to be caught.

The Arapaimas just kept getting bigger as the day went on.

Patience paid off for this angler with yet another Arapaima landed ..

Carp and Arapaima weren't the only species caught . Check out this fat Amazon Redtail .

Not just the men were catching .

The ladies had no trouble landing these colourful Redtails.

Our Albino Pacu are not big yet but are a beautiful looking fish and great fun to catch.

Mother and Daughter having fun with the Albino Pacu.

A nice Redtail Tiger Cross caught by this youngster ..

There have been some recent comments by our competition about fishing venues with no swimming pool and bungalows. This family sure weren't stuck in a small town hotel with nothing to do as suggested ..

Catching fish and having fun is what we are about here at Exotic Fishing Thailand . Not every fish is a monster BUT there are lots of Exotic species to keep the whole family busy while you wait for your fish of a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Another great days fishing yesterday,even by EFT standards Only 2 people fishing but they had some great fish .

Martin from Denmark has been fishing in Thailand before at a small lake in Chang Mai . On this trip he wanted to fish a bigger lake to hopefully catch some bigger and different fish species .

He decided to fish an extra predator rod and really go for it ..

His hard work paid off as he landed 26 fish total of 11 species which included;- 1 pacu, 2 Amazon redtails, 3 barramundi , 7 piraiba, 2 albino pacu, 4 rohu , 2 arapaima to 90kg, 2 rip saw, 1 tiger redtail cross , 1 siamese carp, 1 chao phraya,

Great fishing Martin we hope to see you back again soon :)

Matt from Australia wasnt to be outdone with his catch of 11 impressive fish

Matts list consisted of ;-2 Arapaima, 1 Amazon redtail, 3 piraiba, 3 albino pacu, 1 chinese black carp , 1 tiger shovel nose ,

His bonus fish was the Chinese Black Carp which as far as we know are only available in Thailand at Exotic Fishing Thailand

For your opportunity to catch some amazing Exotic species like Martin and Matt contact us today at