Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As the resort will open 2 years from now this gives us lots of time to carefully purchase and also grow some of our fish .

We have rented numerous stock ponds and are already growing some interesting species.

The Arapaima stock pond. Our biggest purchase to date are 10 Arapaimas over 100lbs . These fish should be in the 200lb+ range when we open...
We have another 50 Arapaimas being delivered soon which we will grow to approximately 70 to 100lbs by resort opening .

We have Amazon Redtail catfish , Arawanas and some giant snakeheads on the grow in this pond..

In the 3rd pond we have some other interesting new arrivals .

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish are already a good starting size so they will grow fast from here on in .

Niger or Ripsaw catfish . The blades down the lateral line dont look dangerous yet but when this baby is a little bigger they must be respected as they become razor sharp.

This Zebra Shovelnose Catfish will be absolutely beautiful once it grows and its colours fully develop.

200 Amazon Redtail catfish .. We will check these fish in 6 months and see how much they have grown. We expect 20lbs plus in 2 years.

These Arawanas are only tiny now but they will be around 30inches in 2 years

We will obviously be buying bigger fish once the lake is ready but these smaller fish are our future stock.It is much cheaper to grow them in advance than to buy them 2 years from now.We also know that we will get maximum growth rates if we grow them ourselves.

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