Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We have just added some of our final fish for our initial stocking of the main lake . This wide selection of different fish species gives anglers the opportunity to catch fish from all over the world in one location .We understand the draw of catching these incredible species in their natural habitat but here at Exotic Fishing Thailand you can catch fish from Europe , Africa , Asia, Australia, India, North America ,South America and of course Thailand all in one lake.

Fishing is all catch and release so that our children can also enjoy these amazing fish. Some of these fish are already endangered or simply just not accessible for the average angler to catch on a limited budget ..

A nice Atlantic Tarpon. Our Tarpon have all been converted to fresh water and are packing on the pounds.

The Chinese Black Carp is primarily a snail eater in the wild but they have been growing nicely on pellet and batu.

We have a quite a few Jau catfish already and are growing more .. These Amazon species are known to grow over 100lbs.

Another nice Vundu Catfish . The biggest of the African Catfish..

This Wallagoo Lieri is just a beast at over 100lbs.. This fish would be a world record when caught..

Another nice sized Siamese ..We have fish to 30 kg and many other Carp species.

I love this native Thai fish the Black Shark Minnow..

Another treasured native Thai Carp species is the Juliens..

This interesting looking Catfish is the Rita and is native to India and some other specific rivers in Asian including the Salween River in Thailand.

We have both Nile perch and Barramundi as seen in the photo.

A beautiful Marble catfish which is also getting to a nice size.

Are you are looking for a fishing adventure in a breathtaking setting ? Are you looking for a lake with over 50 species of fish to catch ? Why not choose Exotic Fishing Thailand ?

We are now taking bookings . We are happy to provide a quote for you, your family or a group by email at .

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