Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand
Come and catch Gold here at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Sunday, May 15, 2016


December and January are our busiest months .Lots of great fish were caught and it was nice to see both old friends and new ones join us here through the holiday season .

We try our best to get photos of your catches to send to you, but we really appreciate when you send us your pics .

Special thanks to some of the more talented photo enthusiasts such as Colin and Henrik who take so many wonderful photos to share the beauty of Exotic Fishing Thailand

Thank you for spending Christmas with us Robert we looking forward to seeing you back in April .

Zhi and his family from Malaysia also joined us over the Christmas period

There were 3 generations including his father and grandfather

Everyone caught Arapaima with Grandad landing the biggest fish unassisted

Another great Arapaima caught, but with an uncomplimentary tail view photo

This lucky couple landed their prize fish just before 7pm .

These anglers also finished with big smiles .

Both the size and number of Arapaima makes EFT the number one choice for consistent Arapaima fishing in Thailand.

Willem brought his son fishing and not only took advantage of our family special but also landed their dream fish.

Our good friend Paul Whittall returned this season bringing lots of his house guests . Here is Dave Lovelock with a colourful Arapaima.

A super Stingray for Richard Heaseman.

Richard also landed this huge Spotted Featherback .I say huge as the current world record is only 6kg.

Alligator Gar can be even more disconcerting in the dark..

One of Paul's most frequent guests Mark probably caught more fish and species from all of Paul's team but unfortunately I only have 2 pics available . One being this beauty of a Wallagoo Attu

Here's Mark again with one of many Amazon Redtails .I will make a point to get more pics next year Mark:).

Paul's crew were for the most part a cheerful lot :) which is no surprise based on the number of Arapaima they caught between them..

Another huge Arapaima for this hard working return customer.

Another stunning fish for these first time visitors .

They also managed a nice Siamese Carp

A huge Ripsaw Catfish was a welcome late fish

A chunky Pacu also made their catch report .

First time visitor Chris Miller with yet another magnificent Arapaima

A lovely Siamese for Chris . What a welcome he was getting. ..

Ripsaw catfish were also on the cards .

Also a small Rohu to fill up the catch report .

Alexander Oakman landed his first Arapaima.

His fish of the day was this huge Giant Snakehead . Where else can you catch spectacular fish like this on a regular basis ?Especially on a day ticket :).

Customer Jimmy joined us for the first time and landed quite the mixed bag .He started out with the first of two Siamese

Next up was a new species for Jimmy with this Wallagoo Leeri.

While the Catfish were on the bite he also landed an Albino Striped catfish and more than a few Amazon Redtails.

Jimmy didn't leave without an Arapaima and he also managed a few Alligator gar

We did manage to clean the camera lens before we got a shot of this Awesome Chao phraya Catfish caught just before 7pm on a large piece of chicken .

Martin was another angler to fall in love with EFT and our plentiful Arapaima.

You cant really blame him when you see the stunning colours of the fish he caught

Martin's first EFT Siamese Carp

Amazon Redtails 2 at a time were a common occurrence over Christmas.

Martin also landed an absolute monster of a Giant Snakehead . Easily over 8 kilo possibly pushing 10..

Mario from Germany joined us and started his day with another nice Siamese

He then switched to the catfish with a beautiful Wallagoo Attu on the float .

What happened next left Mario a broken man:) .. One of "Mike Monsters" took him for a 90 minute ride before he landed it with a little help from yours truly .We didn't weigh this beast but it was very easily over the 300lb mark and possibly one of the biggest Mekong caught so far at any Thai fishery :).

John Pearce joined us with friends in tow .They were like peas in a pod catching not one but 2 double headers .

First it was Tambaqui and then Amazon Redtails

Nick form the UK was back to see us with a good sized Wallagoo Attu to show for his efforts .

Next up was a first for Nick and also the start of our Salween Rita Catfish bite .. These fish have been in the lake for quite some time but we have only started to see them recently.

Another great holiday family photo with yet another stunning Arapaima

Victor also landed a big Ari along with several other new species

He started with an Albino Pacu

Then followed up with a huge Ripsaw Catfish.

Another new species for Victor was this Wallagoo Leeri coming on a piece of chicken.

Steven Bolin from Australia visited us with his family and landed this Arapaima along with a huge Giant Snakehead and lots of other fish .I don't have all the photos but you can see them through the following link along with a great write up of Steve's visit .

Gorden and his wife with their dream Arapaima

Another chunky Arapaima and a Slab of a Tambaqui for this fortunate angler.

Henrik hooked up on the fly

We wont discuss the one that got away, but this ones a beauty ..

Henrik as always was coached by his technical support manger Peter Lyons who was landing some big fish of his own .

A Soldier river Barb for Henrik .This fish was not far off the world record in my opinion .

An unusual Albino Chao Phraya Catfish

Thanks for all the great pics Henrik .

Richard Evans was another happy new customer . A first Arapaima for him .

He also managed a rare Wallagoo Attu ..

Richard also believe it or not landed one of our smaller Mekongs .

Ian Smith was another first time customer adding an Arapaima to his catch report. Thanks for the kind words on your You Tube video Ian:).

Here's Ian's father in law with a nice looking Chao Phraya catfish.

The Goonch were also making their presence known .

A great French Family photo with this stunning Arapaima.

Another customer from France with another Arapaima ...C'est manifique!!!

Customer Daniel with one of 2 Arapaima in his short visit.

Daniel and his friend also survived a battle with one of our Mekong catfish .

I think I lost track of how many times Krystian and his wife from Hungary came to visit .They are such a lovely couple . It was always a pleasure to see their smiling faces.

The smiles came even more easy as they caught more and more Arapiama.

They had so much fun they even invited friends to join them to catch even more Arapaima :)

I am quite sure we will see them back again ..

It wasn't just Arapaima for the friendly Hungarians as they also caught their fair share of Exotic Catfish with some species coming in 2 at a time ..

Avid fly fisherman Mark joined us to catch an Arapaima but it unfortunately wasn't to be .. He was very happy though as he went one better and landed a Goonch Catfish on a fly which is something I am sure not many people have accomplished and definitely not in Thailand .

Another busy man on the fly was our good friend and fishing legend John Wilson ..

John wasted no time hooking into a 200lb plus Arapaima . I am sure he didn't know he would be in for the fight of his life when he connected to this monster .

After a 2.5 hour fight John won the lengthy battle and landed a new PB Arapaima..This was the longest fight I have ever seen for an Arapaima but luckily the fish recovered afterwards and even more importantly so did John :)..

Young Alex visited us with his dad and warmed up by catching small like this Redtail Tiger Cross

Next up was a Goonch which now that I see the photo, he probably shouldn't have been holding so close to his face :(.

Alex was such a polite and inquisitive young man and a good little angler who was soon rewarded with his first Arapaima.

It didn't take long for him to move up to some of our bigger fish . He landed this fish more than twice his size with some very creative fish fighting techniques:).

This group of friends were also into our Arapaima stock , landing several fish between them ..

It wasn't only Arapaima they landed , as they also caught some of our other exotic species

It seems like there are an endless number of Arapaima pics each catch report ,but our customers encourage me to keep posting as many as possible as they just love to see them . It is obviously in our best interest as it also makes it more easy for potential customers to decide where to go to catch their first Arapaima .Why would anyone fish anywhere else when they see all these big Arapaima pics each month .

Another very colourful Arapaima specimen for more happy anglers.

Arapaima family photos are by far my favorite pics .Its great to see happy anglers catching monster fish while sharing quality family time...

This fish may not look very colourful but this Salween Rita catfish is very rare and a great catch at any venue .

I think my most memorable fish of this holiday season was one of what we now call " Mike's Monster Mekongs". This fish was landed by our new customer Sean who did an excellent job to win the brutal tug of war . Whats amazing is that this fish was stocked just over 2 years ago and has added an incredible 40+ kilos in weight . I just cant imagine how big some of our fish are going to get .

If you are thinking about the next holiday season then don't forget that our onsite Mountainview bungalows will be available for rent September 2016 onwards .Here is what the view will look like from one of our bungalows when finished ..

The bungalow design is complete and approved .There will be both single and double occupancy rooms. We have already started to prepare the site for the foundation .

My apologies if we have missed anyone from the report as we dont always get everyone's photos, but do try our best .

Just a reminder that if you have children who want to fish, please don't forget ask about our "Family Special" when booking .

For children who are too young to fish we have our Mountain fish park with over 20 aquariums and feeding ponds . Exotic Fishing Thailand is a great way to get everyone outside to be close to nature ..

We look forward to seeing more smiling faces here at Exotic Fishing Thailand soon .

For bookings please use our website booking form at or you can also email us directly at

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